Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rat The Magnificent- Burns - on "Up The Street" from the debut album "The Body As Pleasure"

Back in February, on the track In The Middle,  I likened Rat The Magnificent's sound to having a "scorched earth policy type of attack" and I still think it is an apt description. The band has just released their debut album "The Body As Pleasure" on TTWD records last Thursday (June 21st, 2018). The track Up The Street is the second track release and is catching a lot of buzz as it should be. NPR Music describing the track as "Strutting blues" and "knuckle-busting riffage". The description is perfect, especially the "knuckle-busting" part and, in fact, I previously said of RTM's aesthetic that "the sonic onslaught is so relentless that one thinks of cramped hands and bloody fingers cut on guitar strings" and you do. You bloody well do and revel in the sheer density and heaviness of their rock sound. 

Rat the Magnificient, at it's core are Perry M. Anderson on guitar and vox (Family Manderson, Sunshine Republic, KLLR, Modern Men, JFO), Ross Davies on bass  (Hot Sauce Pony, Modern Men, Brenda, The Feral Text), Anna Dodridge on drums (Hot Sauce Pony, Family Manderson, JFO, DYWO) and Ian Catskilkin on guitar (Art Brut, Future of the Left). The track Up The Street actually starts out a bit mild, that is you can almost feel the anticipation and see one of the guys go on stage and turn on an amp. The the dense fog of heavy metal, post punk, grunge, and blues tinged garage punk rolls in and engulfs every orifice on your body. Well done. Well done indeed. 
Robb Donker

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