Saturday, June 23, 2018

Joshua Kramer cast images in static on the timeless "White Buffalos"

Joshua Kramer took his first wailing breaths in Bethesda Maryland but being the son of a Naval Officer meant moving around a lot and experiencing cities all over the country. At 12 he discovered music. A series of nonsequitous routes found him pursuing a Master's Degree in Film Scoring at Columbia College in Chicago. After years of being an audio engineer and working as a film composer he is putting music out as a solo artist. He now resides in Los Angeles and White Buffalos is his first release.

The track could exist as much as in the late 60's or now. It has a vast feel and wears wanderlust on it's sleeve. It moves on hand claps, an upbeat acoustic rhythm and dark piano downbeats, active bass lines, big stately backing vox and a cool, mysterious lead guitar. Cool stuff. Somewhere in my cobwebbed filled mind I see this song in black and white (circa 1968) on static cast television with Kramer like Roy Orbison and a sea of musicians and background singers adorning stages of varying heights on some sketchy variety show.

Robb Donker

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