Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Soft White Sixties - "Brick By Brick" a Glorious Declaration to the Trump Administration

When I first heard Brick By Brick by Los Angeles' (by way of San Francisco) The Soft White Sixties it felt like almost a glorious throwback track that might be in a 70's exploitation flick or a current Tarantino remake in that vein. The song has a heavy jam factor mixing in R & B, funk, soul and rock tones, retro blues rock tones like Detroit MC5 stuff (but less feral). You throw in the smooth engaging lead vocals and falsetto with lush backing vox, the synth solo and lead guitar work and it all comes together to create walls of sound that wrap around you. Love this. It wasn't until the 3rd, 4th listen that the words started sinking in. It is a heavy subject with a heavy heart addressing the plight of undocumented immigrants and Trump's wall that will supposedly be built along the southern border.

Frontman Octavio Genera says of the new record and song, "There was a lot of spontaneity in the process of this new record, every song was written in the studio with essentially no pre-production. Being that our first night in the studio fell on Election Night that tension and energy crept its way onto the album in various ways with this song (Brick By Brick) being the most blatant example. It's the story of my grandparents coming here to better themselves and their children and I'm thankful they did. I am here and I am who I am because of it."

The Soft White Sixties is Octavio Genera, Aaron Eisenberg, Joey Bustos, Ryan Noble and Rob Fidel and will be releasing a new album recorded entirely in both English and Spanish later this year produced by Elijah Thomson (Delta Spirit, Everest, Father John Misty).

Robb Donker

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