Saturday, June 30, 2018

MOBVIBE's - transverse wave on the EP - "The Nusixties Invasion Part 1"

Mobvibe is a four piece band whose roots stem from London, UK and Thessaloniki, Greece. Their sound has coalesced through indie rock and classic 60's rock filters since 2010. Their latest EP "The Nusixties Invasion Part 1" is full of sounds that feel like old recordings which will morph into modern takes pushing electronica buttons even. I prefer when they sit squarely in the Mersey Beat aesthetic, when they stay more organic that programmed, more drums than drum machine but in the end their time traveling aesthetic does make for an interesting mix.

On the track Desire the shift is kept to a minimum. Chris Roditis vocal performance (lead vox, electric guitar, synths and samples) hits a gritty Lennon like tone. The song shimy and shifts and induces smiles with it's totally catchy lead lines and explosive choruses. The other lads are George Cassadrian (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), George Katsanos (electric bass, backing vox) and Panos Kofou (drums, drum machine).

On 20th Century Girl the shifts are greater. The boys traverse a multitude of sounds and flavors. It is vast, the dynamics going from dense and compressed to open and organic. It is a daring tightrope of a song but they pull it off. It comes off feeling a bit like 80's electronic indie pop that falls away to a kind of surfy punk meets alt folk like Neon Trees meets the Allah Las. Check out Mobvibe's musical A.D.H.D.
Robb Donker

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