Friday, June 29, 2018

The artistic insanity of Cat and The Queen - Loba Loca (featuring) "Major Sea" and "Mars Attacks"

Cat and The Queen is Toronto based musician and theatre artist Cat Montgomery. She possesses a full bodied voice that can carry emotion deeply in her melodies. On tracks like Major Sea she spins fables that take you down multicolored rabbit holes. The Farfisa-ish organ sounds add a touch of new wave whimsy to the lush baroque pop she creates awash in dreamy arpeggios and a vast choral fog. Her album "Loba Loca" takes diversions like the oddly unhinged Waitress 86'd and the delicious Kate Bush-esque Got Me Again. The experimentation takes different turns and while Major Sea is the albums true ballad, Mars Attacks is it's circa 78 proto punk track. It has a runaway beat and feels like New York or London punk clubs that sparkled at another time with young bands like the Talking Heads and X-Ray Specs. Cat and The Queen not only colors outside the lines but set's her artistic crayola-ed masterpieces on fire.
Robb Donker

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