Thursday, June 21, 2018

Modern Leisure - Official Video for "Girls In Black" is wonderfully weird

Modern Leisure is the indie pop / folk project of Casey Banker (Shady Elders, The Don't and Be Carefuls) and the official video for the song Girls In Black (the second single from the ML's debut album "Super Sad Rom-Com" dropping June 29th) is wonderfully weird as directed and produced by Andreina Byrne. There are hierarchy's of social status at play, blue lipstick that might or might not be some sort of drug, a kind of sado-masochistic thing going on, unhealthy worshiping all the while Banker as a pseudo pool boy toy watches and takes his punches. It is fun and frustrating but the song kills and bounces along with heavy plodding base lines, a tropical punk vibe and lovely and lush vocals crooning melodies that feel like clouds that carry you away. Love this song.
Robb Donker

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