Thursday, June 21, 2018

Glassmaps' "In The Shadows" from the "Strangely Addicted" album

From it's first few crystalline moments, the track In The Shadows feels like it is on display on a wooden boarded stage with footlights and velvet curtains pulled open with opulent gold corded ropes. It feels like elegant art rock and too cool for it's own good.

Glassmaps is the solo project of Joel Stein, lead guitarist of Australia / Uk's Howling Bells. Stein's vocal performance is self assured and artistically postured. The theatricality of the performance feels a bit carnival-esque, a bit of Beatle-ish psychedelia especially when the song seems to spin out of control in a good way. The guitar work is cool in every way and suits the aesthetic.

In The Shadows is from Glassmaps' 2017 album "Strangely Addicted".

Robb Donker

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