Saturday, July 7, 2018

Evelyn Drach mines ancestral memories in "Leopard In The Sun"

Evelyn Drach is a London based musician and storyteller of Transylvanian descent and while I will resist the urge to comment on her last name I will say that her track Leopard In The Sun has been haunting my dreams. Thankfully those dreams have not stepped over the razor thin line of nightmares.

Leopard In The Sun does feel haunting. While Drach sings in a kind of possessed sort of way her words scowling in muted ecstasy as guitars and percussive rhythms float along the whole while crackles and pops like broken old film reels give the song an ancient ghostly tone. The guitar / musical tones complete with scratchy violins feel somewhere between goth rock, industrial rock, baroque pop and horror punk.

Evelyn Drach considers herself a voyeur. She explores abandoned buildings and travels vast distances in search of buried stories, drawing from ancestral memories. It sounds to me like she is not content to wade in the shallows of life but instead dives deep.

Robb Donker

Will be released on 10th July on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes through AWAL. First release was 4th June 'Never Let Me Go' & 'Follow Me' now available online.

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