Saturday, July 7, 2018

Gabrielle Marlena deep personal revelations on her EP "Easier Love"

Easier Love, the title track of her new EP (like all the songs on this collection) feels less like an alt folk song than a confessional, like passages in a diary or intimate text messages between her and those who are close to her or not close anymore. These intimate revelations or what feels like intimate secrets is what gives her songs on "Easier Love" the emotional gravitas. It is like we are voyeurs to her pain and hopes of better days. Stylistically her vocal style is dynamic. Pretty with passion she can run away with so many words until they stall like a plane going into a death dive and then her vox will slow down and sustain in spots. Sometimes (to me) the dense word play can be overwhelming but then sometimes one has to get it all out, right? Gabrielle can slow down though like on the almost gospel painted Road Thoughts which she still injects with emotional charged admonishments, little intimate images that made goosebumps skate across my skin.

Evocative and compelling, full of small and large devastation. Gabrielle Marlena is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Robb Donker


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