Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pardans wide eyed musical debauchery on "(Hookers with ) Hidden Depths"

Put yourself smack dab in the middle of the beautifully off-kilter (sometimes seemingly discordant) jazz punk sounds of Pardans' latest offering (Hookers with) Hidden Depths from their upcoming full length "Split And Image" album (due out in October 2018) and you feel stuck in parallel planes of time and space. It feels like a intoxicated walk through dark streets in and out of smokey clubs in Germany or New York in another time (maybe 1947 or 1978) encountering deviations of sound and maybe deviants too.  The cagey, mysterious stalking nature of the bass line, bent and twisted lines of sax and guitar patterns while keys and drum stage alternate parties and Gustav Berntsen spews out a vocal performance as provocateur at a carnival or burlesque stage. It is a fun tightrope and I thought of Talking Heads, Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Frank Zappa tones and copious amounts of Vodka tossed in a blender and put on puree.

Of the album Gustav says:

“Spit and Image revolves around dirty deeds and wishful thinking of adolescence” explains Gustav. “I think it contains some quite dramatic characters, some in and out of love, some of privilege, lacking integrity, some on the edge of moral decline appearing as depraved monsters overwhelmed by debauchery; some insecure about their skin, some learning about intimacy and trust, to love and respect by the guiding hand of a patient partner. Some are frustrated with the current state of our world making sail for a better place, leaving their peers behind. They hold their breath collectively, while some dance with rapture.”

Pardans hail from Denmark and are: Gustav Berntsen (Vocals), Oskar Dinesen (Drums), Rasmus Hastrup (Bass), Patrick Rathbun (Viola, Piano, Guitar), Daniel Honore (Saxophone). On Spit & Image Rasmus Skovmose is also contributing on guitar.


Robb Donker

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