Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bangladeshi musician, rapper, singer-songwriter, producer Dameer is only 17 - hear the tropical punk dream pop of "Easier"

17 year old Malaysia based, Bangladeshi producer, musician, rapper, singer-songwriter Dameer Khan has played with many hip hop / electronic flavors but his latest track Easier spins on indie tropical punk styles with a patina of dream pop too. The pearly guitars, floating bass sounds and that "move through a crowd while holding a beer" shuffle / sway has some Mac DeMarco-isms but only a little and, in fact, while Khan was inspired by the sounds he heard on DeMarco's 2014 "Salad Days" he exhibits a self assured and self aware vocal style (well beyond his years). About the track he says:

"Easier is actually my first ever indie track. I had mostly done jazzy hip-hop and various kinds of electronic music before that, but after hearing Mac Demarco’s 'Salad Days' album, I was compelled to incorporate guitar and vocals into my music. I began to play around with some riffs and eventually i came upon the melody for the song. The lyrics are unsurprisingly about my ex. I try to express the sheer frustration one can feel in a long term teenage relationship; wondering whether you did the right thing or not and questioning your own state of sanity. The chorus therefore begs the question, 'does it get easier?.'" 

Robb Donker

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