Friday, August 3, 2018

Dead Painters' title track "Endless Idle" from their full length that drops TODAY feels like a hand written letter set to music

Endless Idle by Brooklyn based Dead Painters feels like hand written thoughts, a letter sent to a loved one detailing remembrances, maybe even reasons why things are as they are set to evocative music. I am feeling a post rock (90's vibe) with the translucent sounding guitars, tender introspective vocals and mid tempo cadence. Love the bass runs and spaces in the songs that hang in the air as the drums glue it all together. The guitar work is both elegant and fills in the mood so sweetly. Love the sound and the lead guitar dancing about. In fact when the musical break happens I actually thought of a more mellow version of Dinosaur Jr. Dead Painters have that great organic rock feel drenched with emotions (I also thought of Miracle Legion). 

Dead Painters are TC Brownell (bass, vocals, keys), Marlene Bowles (guitar), Japeth Mennes (vocals, guitar, bass) and Oliver Beardsley (percussion). Endless Idle is the title track Dead Painters' sophomore album and it drops today. Look for it on all digital platforms.

Robb Donker

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