Thursday, August 2, 2018

Jesse Jo Stark's hyper reality of "Dandelion"

The track Dandelion by rock and roll femme fatale Jesse Jo Stark feels like a torch song trilogy. The song wears three skins. It exists as a 50's tender lullaby ala Patsy Cline as well as a glam ballad with dramatic downbeats ala Freddie Mercury and on the fringes (underneath it all) is dusted with Gothic darkwaves ala Lebanon Hanover. Put it all together and there is a kind of hyper reality happening. Melodrama on high, death and love as shiny and romantic trophies colored blood red. I apologize for my excesses on this review but Jesse Jo Stark just pulls it out of me. This trippy L.A. singer songwriter will be casting out her dark tales touring in support of Sunflower Bean soon (see poster below).
Robb Donker


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