Saturday, August 25, 2018

Warrender Chase -- 80's gilded "All For Nothing" from the "Ghost Receiver" Album

Warrender Chase is the latest project from Greg Adams of Brooklyn band, Swim Club and after binge consuming old Elvis Costello and Jags records AND true crime shows like Snapped and Forensic Files he penned All For Nothing, the first single for the Warrender Chase album "Ghost Receiver" and while I can hear those influences I also feel a strong 80's Joe Jackson vibe which is always a good thing. The album, by the way, is kind of drenched in an 80's pop sound and I felt the ghost of The Cars on a couple of the other tracks. Lovely stuff.

Warrender Chase has indie cred, consisting of Greg Adams (vocals/guitar), his nephew - Royal Coke's Jared Adams (bass) and Aaron Smith (drums) of Scientific Maps.

Robb Donker

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