Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ceramic Animal and their "CTF" sound on "Patiently 4 U"

Ceramic Animal is one of those bands that my neighbor Earl would describe as "cooler than fuck" and I have to agree with him. Making garageee post punk psychedelic fare in Philadelphia family style (3 brothers and an honorary one) are Warren Regan on vox and guitar, Elliot Regan on keys and vox, Erik Regan on drums and Dallas Hosey on bass and vox. Upon my first listen of their "ctf" track Patiently 4 U a smile naturally appeared on my face. A drum beat, distorted amp ambiance a playful guitar squeal and an "uh oh" belonging to (and followed by) Warren Regan's vocal performance that sits squarely and slyly between Wayne Newton and Brooks Neilsen. In fact, the "Growlers" ghost is felt here almost right away although it is only a ghostly presence as Ceramic Animal tones / cadence and aesthetic feels a lot more well dressed just like the band itself. By that I mean, that even though the Growlers have shifted towards more kind of glammy art rock / indie pop I still think of that vagabond barbiturate drip feel (which I love) but Ceramic Animal aesthetically and musically feels rooted in R & B pushed through psych rock / post punk / tropical punk filters. The sound is sharper, more dynamic and, in the end, all their own. Loving this track.


Robb Donker

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