Saturday, September 22, 2018

Alice Temple's stark, stripped down, sleek and raw come on in "Move Me"

Alice Temple's Move Me is stark, stripped down, sleek, raw and as such exquisitely sultry. Temple's closed eyes vocal performance is intensely inward and whatever she is drawing from she is feeling because it is part feral, part sexual desire, part longing and part pain. At least it is all that to me. Move Me is a case study how less is more when it comes to passion, raw passion in the musical arts. 

Move Me is from Temple's return album "The End" after decades of laying low musically. I can't wait to hear the entire album.

Robb Donker

PRESS NOTES (excerpt)
A Londoner by birth, Alice Temple has done and been a variety of things in her life. She is notable for having been the first female UK and European BMX champion, was an ’80’s club kid staple alongside Boy George and London’s Blitz Kids, a top fashion model shot by the world’s finest such as Mario Testino and Bruce Weber and of course, an acclaimed musician.
Alice Temple began her music career with collaborator Eg White (Adele, Florence & The Machine, Kylie Minogue) at the age of twenty. Their project, Eg and Alice released only one critically-lauded album of elegant, romantic pop called '24 Years of Hunger' in 1991 (Q Magazine has named the album one of the Best of the 20th Century).

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