Saturday, September 22, 2018

You won't hear a song like "Rhododendrons" by Johnny Conqueroo all year

The song Rhododendrons by Johnny Conqueroo is the type of song you don't hear anymore. Basically a muder ballad minus "ballad" it is a raucous, jammy, swamp bluesy rocker with psyche rock, surf punk leanings steeped in 50's porch / hillbilly rock. The thing is, it feels so fucking true to the sound which might have to do with how it and the other songs on their album "Haint" was recorded, namely in a vintage possibly ghost laden house in Kentucky built in the 1800's. Everything is earnest here and the vocal performance raw and mesmerizing. Per press notes:

Rhododendrons tells an Appalachian nightmare of sorts, twining together a story of men and women in a downward spiral, being falsely accused of crimes and knocking on the door of purgatory like a ball of barbed wire.

I couldn't of described it any better. Fuck.

Robb Donker

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