Monday, September 24, 2018

Bike Thiefs pounds in your head like punk Pop Rocks on "Destination Wedding"

The song Destination Wedding by Bike Thiefs from Mississauga, On (Can) is an instant burst of unadulterated crunchy guitar driven rock like punk Pop Rocks in your mouth after a huge swig of soda pop. Lead vocalist Marko Woloshyn (guitar) has a kind of talking singing style like a guy getting in your face at a loud party. The strident sounds made me think of something between Chelsea Light Moving and Metz. Kris Pandeirada provides the big bottom bass and Andrew Fasken kills on the drums. Loving this sound, (damn it) it ends way too soon.

Robb Donker


The lyrics from “Destination Wedding” are about a house party that I went to a couple years ago. I was the outlier with a then-girlfriend, and was desperately trying to appease a group of acquaintances that weren’t really into making new friends. And like an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm, i dug myself into a hole and managed to say several wrong things.

I ended up with a group of people who had known each other for years, haven’t really ventured outside of their high school peer group and weren’t ready to have me grandfather my way into their communal experiences or nostalgia. I tried to pretend to be into real estate, computer games and Jimmy Eat World. It was a mess.

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