Monday, September 24, 2018

"Miscellaneous People" an emotionally complex, sonically dense piece of alt folk - by Kwolek

Kwolek lives in Boulder, Colorado by way of New Jersey.  The song Miscellaneous People is a powerful piece of alt folk densely produced which only makes it feel more harried, more passionate and maybe even more confused. Emotionally complex and dense it soars, takes off and would grace any playlist and make it better. 

Robb Donker

PRESS NOTES:   Kwolek lives in Boulder, Colorado, but grew up in New Jersey. He takes forever to write, record and mix songs in his little apartment.
Masks is his 4th solo record. His previous record, Overlord, and his debut, A Simple Story Simply Told, are on all the channels, but his second album, Punch, is super secret - you have to ask for it. He used to be in the band Lima Research Society. He is inspired by world cinema, music that causes friction, and the struggle to be a better human.

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