Monday, September 3, 2018

Dream punkers So Many Wizards emotional break through on "Don't Be Afraid"

I have seen So Many Wizards perform countless times (when I lived in California) and I always walked away being touched in some way. The band started as a solo bedroom project by Nima Kazerouni about 9 years ago evolving into a band. Evolution goes hand in hand with Nima's aesthetic over the years as he and the band has explored many sounds and while flavors may change the glue that seems to hold them together (songs and band life) are jangly guitars and a sort of starry eyed look at life and a longing for things to be better.

Their latest Don't Be Afraid rides on alt folk strains. I feel 90's post rock tones and proto punk bones. I thought of Modest Mouse a bit, the Babies, Kevin Morby and even Talking Heads but especially...especially of So Many Wizards. When the extended musical break happens and grows from an ember to a flame you will feel goosebumps skate across your skin. It is what they do so well. So Many Wizards touchs you with a beautiful sadness and when Nima's cries out "Don't Be Afraid, don't be afraid.. it's only death" the emotional weight is crushing. 

Nima's latest works is painted with the beauty of being a father and the sobering look at mortality. The death of a family member, a best friend and an 8 yearl long relationship. Exhaustion turned to what one could describe as a nervous breakdown but what Nima refers to as "nervous breakthrough"and with loss, pain and coming through the other side came reflection. Heavy things, things like this it seems to me can end relationships like bands and as a band about to hit their decade mark it is those bands that survive and sustain that break through. This is especially true in the creative musical hotbed that is L.A and California in general. Nima's emotional journey is reflected in his recent works and will touch all that partake. Hang in there So Many Wizards.


Robb Donker

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