Saturday, September 1, 2018

The seductively sweet "Moon Moon Baby" by alternative soul band HOAX swims in dreamy sadness and love

The seductively sweet Moon Moon Baby by New York alternative soul band HOAX will charm the pants off of you. Formed in the halls of Hofstra University, the 5 pieces band hailing from Long Island, NY craft sounds that at once feel so embracing. Mike Raj's croon that floats into effervescent falsettos sits tightly in a pocket of harmonies and deep grooved indie rock / pop / funk bliss. As someone who just might be cynical, who might have bouts of depression, who might swim in seas of sadness (and hope) this kind of life affirming music is something of a foreign pleasure. It is not that HOAX's sound is Pollyanna, in fact, in listening to their songs their is a lot of heartbreak tinged in between notes and in their lyrical content but all that complex human emotion is framed in a big beautiful proggy musical giving heart.  During these dark days one has to celebrate the good things, the beautiful people who love instead of hate and bands like HOAX serve to fulfill those beautiful soundtracks. 


Robb Donker

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