Thursday, September 20, 2018

East L.A.'s the Pocket Rockets turn out and up on their new single "SPECTACLE"

The new single Spectacle by East L.A.'s three piece rock outfit the Pocket Rockets pulses, shakes, twist and turn out on unparalleled sounds. Amid a triad of downbeats lead singer and bass player Ralph Blanco croons out bottled up passion through grit teeth, sometimes on the edge of purposeful dissonance, sometimes flowing into falsettos, "you do whatever you want" and (later) "nobody drags you down... oh noooo" spitting out barbed statements at the same time running stair stepping bass lines around and on top of Chris Magallon's turned up shifting drum patterns throughout. Lyndon Miller's guitar lines is the sonic glue holding it all together in such a cool way through long sustain lines and staccato accompanying lead line offset from the evocative vox. Fuck yeah, I love this. 

Robb Donker

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