Thursday, September 20, 2018

Voltage Black - genre defying project of Ewan Fisher and the trippy dream pop affair "Symmetrics"

The song Symmetrics by UK's Voltage Black, the genre defying project of Ewan Fisher instantly feels trippy as percussive abstractions of sound pull you instantly into Fisher's aesthetic and once the song opens up and expands it rides a line between a kind of Indian meditation meets 80's Brit pop meets 2000's dreamy art pop. The way so many inspirations are coalesced into one densely produced dream pop affair is impressive and begs to be listened to again and again. I love the think guitar work here and for some odd reason I thought of this track as the track on an updated remake of John Hughes 1986 Teen angst masterpiece "Pretty In Pink." Symmetrics is from Voltage Black's debut album "The Curve Of The Earth Is With You" dropping on September 21 (see Bandcamp link below).

Robb Donker

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