Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rhys Bloodjoy - and the cold wave psychedelia noise rock of "Poly Brown"

The song Polly Brown by Rhys Bloodjoy (UK) blends punk, industrial rock, electronica and psychedelia into driving alternative rocker. Rhys is a "one man noise machine" crafting his songs with loops and reverb washed vox and electronic ambiance. The result feels as much now as futuristic and at the same time proto punk-ish like it could of been created in some smoke filled Berlin club in 1978. Cool stuff indeed.

Robb Donker


The Manchester Evening News as “lo-fi brilliance”, the Bloodjoy experience was born in the underground scene in 2013, Rhys has gained in strength and stature, honing his sound to create soundscapes that result in electrifying live performances. Backseat Mafia confirm this when they say, “he’s not just one to watch, he’s one to absorb.”
The journey so far saw Bloodjoy release his AA debut single ‘Broken Window/Scandinavian Girlfriend’ on DIY label Sister 9 Recordings in December 2015. This sold out 7” blood red vinyl single was mastered by Sonic Boom.
Shortly after a successful 10 date tour of Spain First EP Psyche Attack Theories was also released by Sister 9 in December 2016. The EP came in the form of a limited edition download digipak, complete with unique artwork and lyrical content. The concept behind the EP was regarding the fact that unseen, dark forces can play havoc on the human psyche, it was lauded as “brilliantly dark and raucously noisy”.
Love Is a Fucked up Goddess – Part One was Rhys’ second EP released on Eggs in Aspic on limited edition cassette which sold out almost instantly. The release received critical acclaim and was praised as “a shadowy tapestry that’s all at once darkly set and kaleidoscopically mesmeric’.
The end of 2016 saw Rhys retreat into the Spanish mountains, before returning this Spring with Love Is a Fucked up Goddess – Part Two released via Eggs in Aspic and completes the dark duo; this release also sold out.
This brings us up to date and confirms the announcement of the vinyl release of Love Is a Fucked up Goddess – Parts II & I, which features both EPs in full and additional bonus tracks. It is set for release on Sister9 for Friday 21st September, to coincide with the new incarnation of Bloodjoy which will appear for the first time in his spiritual home of Manchester at The Psych Weekender on Sunday 15th.
From the hypnotic, pulsating vibes of ‘Silver Lips’, through to the menacing darkness that exudes from ‘A Banshee’s Lament’ this collection of tracks has something to suit every palette and will attract a new audience into the world of Bloodjoy as well as honour the faithful. Lead single ‘Polly Brown’ will propel the release, with its characteristic onslaught of sound that instantly leaves you breathless and compelled.

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