Saturday, September 1, 2018

Shapes On Tape- grungy alternative rock meets power pop on "Climb"

Climb by Brooklyn based power pop trio Shapes On Tape is exuberance squared and gets in your head immediately. It's synth laden crunch feels like 80's New Wave combined with heavy rock edges. The kind of aloof almost barbiturate dripped "I don't give a shit" vocal performance only adds to the allure and I do mean allure. In a weird way it feels like if The Cars and Alice and Chains had a baby.
From the upcoming album "Legends In The Process".

Robb Donker

Genre-hopping producer/multi-instrumentalist/90s groovebox enthusiast Adam Kruckenberg, formerly of Midwest glam legend Vibralux, and guitarist/poet Jason Matuskiewicz, a veteran of beloved Lexington, KY band Candidate, began collaborating in 2014, but they didn't complete their sound, best described as a sonic assault of feels, until they expanded S on T to include drum savant and overall swell guy Justin Heaverin of Noisebody and The Silver Tongues.

Matuskiewicz’s lyrics and straightforward style walk the line between high and low concept with an abrupt 3-chord frankness that never takes itself seriously, while Kruckenberg’s powerful vocals and synthetic re-imaginings take the songs to epic proportions. Combined with Heaverin's unstoppable groove, you could be forgiven for wondering when The Boss had time to do a secret collaboration with Erasure. With the help of Grammy-nominated producer and Hedwig alum Justin Craig, SoT's forthcoming album Legends in The Process is sure to be a supersonic, beer-fueled dreamscape. 

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