Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The art pop extravaganza that is Capitano and the big bold art pop of "Dive"

The track Dive by the German band Capitano fronted by the burly peacock-ian art pop provocateur
(Canadian born, German raised, half Norwegian) John Whol blends art rock with deep pop hooks into a trippy theater of the mind. Whol's self aware and very theatrical vocal performance that moves effortlessly into gritty falsettos plays on top of a framework of heavy synths and edgy guitar lines and (on Dive) a children's choir. Whol's partner in crime and the so called brains and bones of the band is Berlin raised Fuzz Santander aided by Dyve Diamond and Mikael Goldbløm. I am loving the unabashedly artistic aesthetic here. Dive is from their "Hi" album. 

Robb Donker

See track and Official Music Video below

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