Monday, September 10, 2018

Wanderwild's push and pull of "Irma" steeped in wanderlust and longing

The track Irma by Athens (GA) based band Wanderwild has a kind of intoxicated sway, part tropical punk, part indie rock with progressive tendencies propelled by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist's Matt Martin's crooning vox. His stylistic approach with artful poses and a self aware aesthetic (you can feel the theatrical pauses in his sultry tones) made me think a bit of Jonny Pierce (The Drums) and of (less so) Brandon Flowers (The Killers).  He might make you think of other singers too but one thing is for sure, his vocal performance pulls you straight into the bands orbit aided by Wes Gregory on drums, Ian White on guitar and Taylor Cotton on bass. 
Robb Donker

Here the full album on Spotify: here

Wanderwild is Matt Martin, Wes Gregory, Ian White, and Taylor Cotton. The project was initially crafted as a solo venture for Martin, who used Wanderwild to house his output as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. A staple of the Athens, GA music scene, he cut his teeth playing and producing for numerous bands such as Faye Webster, Dana Swimmer, and White Violet,
Wanderwild’s debut EP, Fleeting, “[managed] to balance pop, rock, indie, and folk tendencies, with an equal emphasis on songwriting and production” (Paste Magazine).

Early 2017 found the project in exciting new territory. Quickly after the release of Fleeting, Wanderilwd transitioned form being a solo venture with a rotating cast of live players to a stage lineup of collaborators. With the addition of Wes Gregory on drums, Ian White on guitar, and Taylor Cotton on bass, the band began working on a new LP. In Due Time build on the musical and lyrical themes established by Fleeting, while also welcoming brand new aesthetics and approaches. The album was entirely self-produced been Martin’s own Kilig Recordings and Athens landmark Chase Park Transduction (Deerhunter, R.E.M., Animal Collective). 

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