Saturday, September 29, 2018

The dreamy bedroom pop of Fauvely and "Savannah" from the "Tides" album

The track Savannah by Fauvely, the dream pop project of Chicago based singer-songwriter guitarist Sophie Brochu feels like the kind of bedroom pop that writes itself at 3 am when those feelings just have to come out and as such feels intimate and tenderly sad. Crafted with emotional guitar sounds it also feels passionate, powerful and done up in a big way could fill up a stadium or night sky for that matter. It would be cool to hear Brochu's emotive sound in a good sized venue but then an intimate club would be fine as well and maybe the acoustics would be closer to her bedroom. Loving the sound. Savannah is the second single from her sophomore release "Tides." 

Says Brochu:

"Savannah was the first song I wrote for the album. I started messing with a guitar chord progression and over a few days, a melody began to form. I always write lyrics in a stream-of-conscious style, forming words to fit the music. I found myself singing the line "Do you remember Moon River? I used to live by Savannah's water" and I knew I had a story to tell about my hometown. An abstract story of grief and time and memory. I wanted to transport the listener to the salty marshes of Savannah's coast, and demonstrate my relationship to this haunted place that's revered for its beauty. 
There was something really cathartic about the writing process. I don't think it necessarily comes through in the music, but writing these songs forced me to examine a place from a distance (my home in Chicago), and through this lens, I romanticized it a bit, and it took on a dreamier version, where what I imagined became more prominent than what was real."

Robb Donker

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