Saturday, September 29, 2018

VanDeRocker and the post punk barbiturate like haze of "Driftwood"

Driftwood by L.A.'s (by way of Austin, Texas) VanDeRocker and from her desert psych rock album, "Point Defiance" rides on a heavy bass that feels like 90's grunge until dreamy harmonies arise amid pearly guitars that float in seductively. The post punk psychedelia filtered through a barbiturate haze made me think of the Pixies. This song could be 30 minutes long and I would not get tired of it but instead just be swept up in the fog. 

VanDeRocker is the indie rock / eletro-pop project of a one Adreinne VanDeRocker who grew up in Austin within a Dutch-American family of classical musicians. Honed early on on Piano she gravitated to guitars and songwriting and now we have all this. Currently haunting the clubs in L.A / Echo Park and beyond and recording with talented folks. I want to hear more and I want to see her and her band mates live someday. Tot ziens VanDeRocker.

Robb Donker

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