Thursday, October 4, 2018

London's The Magic Lantern and the beautifully wrought "Albatross" moves in magical ways

The song Albatross by London based The Magic Lantern (the moniker of Jamie Doe) moves in magical ways on top of a candent somber bass and beats, double time piano and Does exquisitely beautiful vocal performance. His melodies and the way he even phrases words is a thing to behold, just the way he says "fragile" is completely his own artistic prose.  When the song give way to silence, it feels like a sad yet romantic sigh. Amazing song with light jazz tones like Fred Astaire tiptoeing on stairs to Heaven, Albatross is a wonderful love affair of a song. 

Albatross if from the upcoming "To The Islands" Album due to drop on November 2nd on Hectic Electric Records. 

Robb Donker

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