Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Mercy Stone is a 12 piece ensemble proggy indie rock trippy thing. Hear and see "Above The Towers"

The Mercy Stone is a 12 piece ensemble blending so many musical flavors that it is hard to define them. Founded by composer / guitarist Scott Grady in 2016 with a desire to fuse together a neo classical concert stage sound that a "rock" audience would get into somehow brought together accomplished musician from all over to create a hybrid of classical, rock, pop, raggae, metal, funk, psychedelic and varied world music elements too. The title track off of The Mercy Stone's second album "Above The Towers" feels like some kind of progressive indie rock affair with an alt folk heart. Built on a driving 15 beat rhythmic pattern and lush vocal harmonies it stirs in orchestrations of sound feeling like something between psychedelic chamber music and the quiet before the storm at some 70's YES concert. Their is a hippie chic element here too. It is hard to describe. It is impressive and stirring and very organic. Their first album, the all instrumental "Ghettoblaster" - "where the delicate counterpoint of composers from Josquin de Prez to J.S. Bach  meet the sublime melodic beauty of Nirvana and Radiohead" is supposed to be a bonafide trip and a half. I haven't delved into it but plan on it. In the end, The Mercy Stone might still be relegated to a more concert hall setting than a rock venue but I would find it terribly exciting and so very interesting if they were on a bill at a California post punk rock / indie festival poised between an act like Mac DeMarco and Metz I think the audience would be fully accepting. I think they would eat them up in a good way. 

Robb Donker

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