Sunday, November 25, 2018

Amsterdam rockers Jagd mine proto punk, new wave and punk pop flavors in punchy ways on "Luxaflex"

The track Luxaflex from Amsterdam 4 piece indie rockers Jagd is a shape shifting full charge indie rocker with a proto punk heart and 80's new wave bones resulting in a dynamic punk pop song. The beginning with crazy counter poised guitars and Nanne vd Linden's wide eyed vocals performance that (at first) is full of whimsy, then all hell breaks loose with punk musical attacks as Linden erupts into strident snarling vox. Later the musical break shifts into something heavy but tinged with heartbreak too like the feeling of running to or away from something and ultimately being alone gazing at the night sky. The song does get back to it's punk fury. In the end Luxaflex covers a lot of emotional territory in such unique ways. The rest of the band is Luuk Meijer (bass), Jos Neering (guitar) and Timo Mes (drums).

Luxaflex is the first single from the just released  EP "Maudlin"

Robb Donker

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