Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Freedom" by Ontario rockers Freudz Couch has classic rock bones fleshed out with grunge and psyche rock

The track Freedom by Freudz Couch is a full fledged rocker with classic bones stirring in garden rock / grunge rock tones and glittery specks of psychedelia. There are background fists in the air "Hey!!" that feels like blue collar Americana rock tones with heavy drums and blistering bass lines but surprisingly the song throws down a musical break that shifts into elegant art rock lead lines. It is a sweet departure adding to the song's story arc. 

Freudz Couch hails from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and are Nik Paparo (drums), Vince Therrien (bass), Don Fournier (guitar) and Patrick Veinot (vocals). Their journey runs deep all the way from 1993 to 2003 to their recent rebirth. Check out the Press Notes below for the details.

Robb Donker


Freudz Couch toured, recorded and released 3 indie albums and multiple EP's and singles between 1993-2003 that found their way on radio throughout the world as well as a Canadian Indie Motion Picture titled River Rats.

An unlikely reunion took place in 2016 with a commitment to write and record new music for the upcoming May 2017 EP release which will include 5 new songs, 3 of which have already been released as singles.

The 3 new singles 'Marfha', 'Darkness' and the Phil Collins cover of 'I Don't Care Anymore' are accompanied by videos found on YouTube. These, as well as all previously released Freudz Couch music can be downloaded at Apple Music/iTunes/Spotify/cdbaby and everywhere else dowloadable music is available.
Nik Paparo - Drums
Vince Therrien - Bass Guitar
Don Fournier - Guitar
Patrick Veinot - Vocals

Jason Davis - Bass (1991-1994)
Pat Boudreault, Aaron Walsh and Grant Dans - Bass (1994-1996)

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