Thursday, November 22, 2018

Castle Pines shapes pain with hope, loneliness and isolation into inspired guitar rock on "March Mellow"

March Mellow by Castle Pines starts off with a plaintive accordion (or Melodica) sound on top of ambient noises and then gives way to heavy bottom bass and drums, pearly guitar and Leandro Barrientos' wistful vocal performance. The sonic landscape of the song, from the vocal melodies that feel like late night heavy but fond recollections to the counterpoised guitar lines, pregnant pauses and absolutely dreamy musical break that deconstructs and rebuilds with stair stepping guitars, slow burn drums and bass into this lovely (chills on your skin) diorama of sound. You will see images and feel emotions (your own obviously) probably some dark and sad but hopeful as well. When the vocals come in to finish out the song it feels like something between heartbreak and acceptance. 

Robb Donker

From Press NOTES:

Isolation and loneliness are the core themes of the new song ‘March Mellow’ by Castle Pines. Inspired by seeing Castle Pines drummer Sterling Fairfield spend months in the hospital and almost dying because of Crohn’s Disease, singer and lyricist Leandro Barrientos took their history together, beginning in garages and punk rock venues and expanded that into an abstract narrative reflecting a persons identity as they become older and irrelevant.  


There is a concrete reference to the music venue the band grew up in Corona, CA the now defunct “Showcase Theater” where the band spent the majority of its youth watching bands and formulating their own musical tastes. It is to this promising past of vibrant art that the band now seethes with melancholic appreciation and longing. With the hospitalization of Sterling the band looked to these times as bastions of hope for a better tomorrow.

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