Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christopher Pellnat mines world folk tones and 60's pop folk motifs from different decades on "Lift Off"

Ode to Olivia Rhodes is a dreamy alt folk affair by Christopher Pellnat, a singer songwriter from Hudson New York. On his "Lift Off" album he tells stories that can feel like age old sea shanties (Waiting all Night and Dystopia Is Over) on one hand and on the other veer into a diverse blendo style. One second mining calypso flavors and easily shifting into a kind of 60's pop pushed through light jazz and folk rock filters (Do It Again Like You Like It and There's Gonna Be Some Healing).  On many there is a sense of vintage Americana Blue Collar soap box 60's folk sounds even if the songs might swing more in the microcosm like on the mindfully cool and quirky I Saw Everything and Everything Was Enough and the free spirited You Left The Gate Swinging. There is a kind of sultry folk thing happening on  You're So Beautiful Making Your Escape and a kind of personal reflective folk quality ala Paul Simon meets 60's pop complete with swinging finger snaps on  Sacred Truths And Lies. "Lift Off" is an album that will grow on you. The musical arcs presented on what feels like simple compositions (take Dystopia Is Over for example) run deep as the tales Pellnat lures you in with a kind of Steam Punk allure turn over in your mind and apply as metaphors galore about life, love and battles against the many monsters out there in the great big scary world.

In between his solo musical projects, Pellnat plays electric guitar in the band The Warp / The Weft.

Robb Donker

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