Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"Dead Inside" by Younger Hunger has a smile behind the cool goth post punk pop tones. From the self titled album dropping December 7th.

Dead Inside by three piece Younger Hunger percolates on thick percussive sounds dipped in goth post punk tones and framed in this kind of aloof proto punk sort of way all the while being a pop song, well a "haunt pop" song as the trio describes their sound. The production is catchy and the vocal performance is come on sultry and poised with a smile behind the cool. Younger Hunger is Tony Davia, Lou Connor and Lauren Potts who solidified their musical outfit status after a night of playing Nintendo 64 and drinking milkshakes in Long Beach, California.

About Dead Inside, Davia says:

 "We were all at this party and I was having a bad night. So we all left to go hang out at our studio and play some N64. We ended up jamming and that's when we wrote the hook over an old cowbell loop. We wanted all of the synth tones to sound like Street Fighter II style arcade sounds to commemorate the night. The whole thing came together really quickly, and it does a good job of representing our EP."

Their debut EP "Younger Hunger" (pre-order) will drop on December 7th. Produced by Adam Castilla (The Colourist) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, The Weeknd, Beach House), the group takes inspiration from artists such as The Teenagers, The Smiths, and MGMT. 


Robb Donker

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