Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"Intimidated" by talker is a perfect grunge pop song that feels like a big beginning

The track Intimidated by talker the moniker for singer-songwriter / musician Celeste Tauchar (Tauchar- talker, get it?) is a lesson in pop economy. I mean every second is used to full effect. Starting as what feels like an alt folk rocker and building on nice acoustic rhythms and youthful indie pop tones the song shifts into garage rock guitars and Tauchar showing her vocal chops. Once the "grunge pop" strains and fist in the air rock motif begins it sadly ends. Again a smart pop economy perfectly suited for the young. Intimidated is a super catchy and commercial song that will undoubtedly drive Tauchar places. At 23 she has a great character to her vocal performance and emotes with a deep well of feelings. I (respectfully) can't wait to hear her fully let go to the point of not sounding so so perfect.

Robb Donker

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