Friday, November 9, 2018

"Everything Is Everyone's Fault" the title track from O Mer's reflective album glides between psychedelia and an art rock lullaby

The track Everything Is Everyone's Fault by O Mer glides smoothly and beautifully between Beatle-esque psychedelia and an art rock lullaby. It has a dreamy quality and almost minuet like cadence. Omer, now based out of Brooklyn, emerged from the Tel Aviv underground art scene and is a multi genre producer who serves this transient piece of art as singer- songwriter, guitarist and producer. 

The evocative song (that drops today) is the title track from O Mer's 8 track album. The album "Everything Is Everyone's Fault" was created as a personal outlet / emotional side project while he struggled  working out differences with a record label who had signed him. While that marriage eventually dissolved the songs that were created  during that time acted as a source of reflection and freedom, "the album is a time capsule of many different versions of me as a musician."

Of the title track Omer says:

"There's only so much time to live a meaningful life. And we spend a lot of it looking for something or someone to blame for our suffering and misfortunes. Meanwhile, real freedom is letting most of that stuff go and realizing we all mess everything up together, I find hope and comfort in that. 

I wrote the song after seeing the 2014 movie Leviathan. At some point during the film someone says "everything is everyone's fault". The movie isn't a comedy but that one sentence made me laugh and it stuck with me. I wrote this song the next day and it really came out as more of a prayer/mantra than a song." 

 O Mer's tender vocal performance and beautiful melody coupled with lyrics that run deep has wrapped around me and exists like a comforting soundtrack in my brain since the first time I heard it (for the first time) exactly 12 days ago. The album "Everything Is Everyone's Fault" is scheduled for an early 2019 release.


Robb Donker

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