Saturday, November 10, 2018

The trance inducing "Edifier" from the album "La Fonte" by Brendon John Warner is the stuff of body electrics and sci-fi dreams

The transformative track Edifier by Australian musician and composer Brendon John Warner stirs up time travel and Sci-fi dreams, body electrics, dystopian waves, blade runners and beautiful cyborgs. The thickness of the interweaving synths that are well produced but can have a classic old school sound is what makes the spatial soundscape so engaging. You can feel yourself get lost in the drones and layered sounds that at the point of intersection create this trippy and lovely dissonance. This stuff is definitely for dreamers. 

Warner toured extensively with post rock band We Lost The Sea and afterwards took a radical turn finding an interest in lo-fi electronics. Edifier is from his debut album called "La Fonte " (The Melt) dropping this month. It is a piece of work that blends classical to electronica in experimental ways. 

Robb Donker
(photo courtesy of Jordan Shields)

Produced by ascending Sydney engineer Antonia Gauci (Kučka, Kesha, Vallis Alps) and mastered by New York ambient luminary Rafael Anton Irisarri (Christina Vantzou, Loscil, Jacaszek), the tracks featured in la fonte mix acoustic instruments and electronics to paint a vivid and immersive soundscape. The album explores the compelling and tenuous relationships between humanity and planet earth, ecology and economy, man-made climate change and our polar icecaps, placing Brendon at the forefront of a new generation of crossover contemporary/classical composers seeking to speak up on issues which are dangerously critical for the future of human beings.

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