Saturday, November 10, 2018

Haneke Twins - hybrid blend of post punk, 90's rock, new wave is dangerously cool- hear "Climb" from the "Haneke Twins" EP

Stefanos and Paschalis are old band mates from a Greek indie rock group, long time friends, work colleagues and two CERN scientists based in Switzerland and at night they shed their cerebral bodies and become the Haneke Twins. Ok, casting the dramatic rhetoric aside I am taken aback by their self titled EP. All the songs are lyrically based on poems by Stathis Antoniou with the exception of "The End" (their rock take on The Doors classic). Stefanos and Paschalis are so adept at creating, weaving their compositions into a potent rock blend that has elements of post rock 90's tones, new wave and post punk. The aesthetic feels to me like a convergence of She Wants Revenge, Interpol and She Past Away filtered through the pair's own edgy style. 

The track Climb (lyrics based on the poem "Arctic Mountain" by Stathis Antoniou) burns hot with a runaway beat, dynamic rock heavy guitars with cool dirty pearly picking rhythms and a husky sultry vocal performance by Paschalis. Inherent in Haneke Twins (no matter the subject matter) is the feeling of dark nights, smoky clubs, a sense of danger, drama and sexual allure. 

Haneke Twins are Stefanos Leontsinis (guitars) and Paschalis Vichoudis (vocals and bass guitar). Drums played in all tracks by Kostas Zabos. 

Robb Donker 

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