Thursday, November 29, 2018

No Reception - punk grrrl power on "Can't Be Fixed" from the "See Through" EP

No Reception is the musical moniker of Claire Julian who deftly plays all instruments on her "See Through" EP. On the track Can't Be Fixed, this singer-songwriter from Rye, New York pushes punk / power pop / tones out so well while telling personal stories. From the opening prog (like a sped up Ball and Chain ala from Social Distortion) to the sing songy melodies to the proto punk lead break the aesthetic is a cool blend of girl infused surf punk, proto punk and riot grrrl (on the fringe) aesthetics all the while at it's core also possessing this alt punk folk acoustic guitar heart.

Can't Be Fixed follows the release of the single Time To Kill (song and video). The EP "See Through" is streaming on Spotify.

Robb Donker

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