Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Confirmation Bias" by Brooklyn rockers Sleeping Tongues is a song for today's divisive times

Confirmation Bias by Brooklyn rockers Sleeping Tongues is a big bold rocker played with garage rock abandon, psyche rock flavors pushed through proto punk rock filters. Singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Craig Kepen's vocal performance jack hammers the opening line "I am offended by the words that you are saying. You must not say them because they are offending me!" in an audacious kind of art punk way which only adds to the almost feral proto punk feel. While the meaning of the song is relevant at any given time in American (and world) history there may not be a more relevant time than now when political lines are drawn sometimes spilling blood and the divisions between us seem to be growing at an alarming rate. 

Of the song, the band says: 

"The track is in regards to political/ideological tribalism we're seeing in the United States. People surrounding themselves in an echo chamber of like minded thinkers and information outlets that cater to their beliefs. It's not taking any sides, but just commenting on the polarization and rise of tribalism we're seeing. I think it's dangerous, because your average person who may have a less "all or nothing" view of controversial subjects, are too afraid to to speak for fear of being demonized / bullied by one side or the other. There's historical precedents to what we're currently seeing in the United States, and they usually don't end well. There's a lot of shouting, name calling, and shaming rather than intelligent civil discourse. I think a lot of this is caused by confirmation bias."

Sleeping Tongues is: Craig Kepen (Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar/Bass/Instruments), Alex Chung (Drums/Percussion), Chris Castellano (Guitar) and Evan Ignatz (Keyboards, Bass).

Robb Donker

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