Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Oh Dead On Oh Love" by Lisa Papineau - instantly pretty moves deep inside - hear, feel, see (official video)

The track Oh Dead On Oh Love, the first single / video and title track from Lisa Papineau's 4th solo full length due out Feb. 15th (2019) is instantly pretty as pearly guitar and comforting bass lines float like blown bubbles in the air. When Lisa's voice comes in with a declarative wide eyed performance it feels intimate but artistic like something between bedroom confessions and a full on Broadway musical. The theatricality of the vocal performance, this aesthetic doesn't break down or dissipate the emotion which can happen some times but instead makes it more so in a sort of whimsical magical way. The effect feels pained but elegant, sweet but fractured. I can't wait to hear the album.

Again, the album Oh Dead On Oh Love is due to drop on Feb 15th, 2019. The official video conceived and made by artist Betsy Kenyon recently premiered on Parade.

From the artist:

After fleshing out the world of the album, Papineau was able, to her great joy and contentment, to collaborate with many longtime musical partners: Tyler Bates, Jam Da Silva, Juan Alderete, Matthew Embree, and Koool G Murder to name a few. The album artwork is by renowned visual artist Andrea Mastrovito, who also provided the cover for her album Red Trees. “It is always a bit frightening for me each time I crawl out from the rock I’ve been hiding under, holding on a little too tight to my fistful of songs... but the experience of once again working with people I love, people who are hysterically fun but whose drive and creativity also push me, makes the coming together of everything on this record a true gift.”

Robb Donker

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