Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Altitude" by Dead Sullivan from one of my favorite albums released this year "Season"

Altitude by Dead Sullivan (the musical project / moniker of Boone Patrello) feels like a transformation of some sort. Emotionally drenched with sad textures in a dreamy shoe gazey way but always coming back to earth on guitar picking and a melodic bass line. The song is from Boone's latest offering, the 13 track album called "Season" and is perched between bendy Tropical punk folks songs with orchestral sweep like Kyle or the beautifully trippy Tire that shape shifts into psychedelic places or the avant garde (even by Dead Sullivan standards) or Due that almost has a Thom Yorke-ian daydreamy quality and, of course, the amazing track Drive (that I wrote about here). Boone continues to make awe inspiring dense beautifully odd songs that sit like askew shadow 

boxes of what is inside his head.  

Robb Donker  

"Season" written & recorded in Denton, TX from April 2017-June 2018 
Mastered by Nathan Navarro & Boone Patrello

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