Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mount Ehinger's monstrous blues rock hybrid sounds on "Incubator Jones"

Mount Ehinger, the musical project of one man musical mission Trey Smith based out of Atlanta, Georgia produces big panoramic rock sounds. On the track Incubator Jones, the groove and shifting progs suggest a kind of funkadelicious twist on classic big blues rock sounds. I could feel a bit of 70's Led Zep or Red Dirt in the bones of this song fleshed out with a kind of patina of more indie rock tones (a bit) from bands like Arctic Monkeys or even Queens Of The Stone Age. Besides the utterly sexy grooves here, Trey has a killer voice for this gritty, organic genre. The big sound that Trey achieves gets in your head and has that kind of filmic sound. Mr Smith get your stuff in front of someone who specializes in commercial vehicles, commercials for Levis and Range Rover or Jeep. Take a page from Hanni El Khatib. Cool stuff. 
Robb Donker

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