Saturday, December 22, 2018

"Conversation" by Swine Tax pushes all the right post punk pleasure buttons

Conversation by Swine Tax (Newcastle upon Tyne, England) is a heady and utterly captivating post punk commentary. The boys acerbic wit shines through and for some strange reasons I thought of a diverse number of bands like Los Campesinos!, The Smiths, Miracle Legion and (oddly enough) The Breeders all kind of blended together with the boys own originality. Maybe it is because those bands all wax poetic in their own way with bite in their lyrical bark and views about life and social dynamics in both the micro and macro of life and I feel this is the case with Swine Tax as well. Conversation also has such a kind of post rock 90's cagey shuffle with vocal melodies riding the potent guitar lines like a seismograph. 
LOVE this track. 
Robb Donker

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