Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tully & Mei - spartan hip hop, pop rock explosion of "When She's High"

The track When She's High by Oakland bred (L.A. based)  Tully & Mei is an exquisite exercise in less is more. Of course it helps when the pop parts of the sum are so beautifully rendered. Johnny Mei pushes his feelings into the piano keys matching Liam Tully's amazing vocals. Mei, an accomplished violinist and beatboxer, provides the framework of sounds and Tully produces it all into a spartan and yet powerful blend. You would swear that some of the strings are synth sounds but the twisting with effects is kept to a minimum. The simple open production works because of the delicacies of emotion expressed between Tully and Mei. The tracks story arc enhanced by the melodic hip hop bounce, mix of pop rock flavors and infectious chorus works because of all the nuances in the production. When She's High - words and music by Liam Tully, Johnny Mei and Sydney Bakst. Love this track for so many reasons.

Robb Donker

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