Saturday, December 22, 2018

Lazy Bones - pulsating bass, shoe gaze haze romance wave of "Restless Sleeper"

Restless Sleeper by Lazy Bones hooked me in right away. The bass heavy rhythm with that delicious run (at the end of every 8th measure), the upstroke rhythm guitar, the trancy sparkles of synths, the drums with half time drops and shuffles and the hazy shoe gazey vocal mix. It is all at once dreamy and swaying pulsating with movement. The musical break with piercing synth lines gets deep and heavy and pulls you in even further. The sound is now with nods to 80's new wave romance tones.

Lazy Bones centers around singer songwriters Sam Stein (bass, guitar, vox) and Bredan Olivieri (bass, guitar, synth, vox) rounded out by Caleb Matheson (drums, producing). They hail from Ithaca, New York.

Earlier this year they toured the East Coast and Midwest, performing everywhere from basement shows to venues, sleeping on strangers couches and living that life. Returning to release their second single Existential Crisis in March that captured a slot on  Spotify's 150 Freshest Finds. The boys plan a second tour early in 2019 followed by their first full length release in the Spring.

Robb Donker

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