Saturday, December 22, 2018

Capulets by St. Pete Holland's - indie folk confessional "Seven Deadly Hymns" EP

Capulets by St. Pete Holland out of Nashville, Tennessee seeps lazily into your brain and while the whistle-eey  intro struck me like the kind of overly populous tones of a yogurt commercial  but when the vox (full of character and grit) comes in telling an engaging story I fell right into the vibe and what a lovely dreamy vibe it is. The cool track exists on the EP "Seven Deadly Hymns" which is worth checking out. The song New York, NY is as far from Capulets as can be and shows the breadth and scope of St. Pete Holland's musical aesthetic. It is that outrageously rich and evocative voice that grabs you gently by the shirt collars and pulls you into his fray. Love this song. The track Lullaby swings more folkish with all the intimacies right in your ear. Leslie Likes It Loud feels like sweet confessions told after a few late night drinks that turns into a sing along. I will gladly pour myself a drink and sing along. I am liking this guy.

Robb Donker

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