Sunday, December 2, 2018

Simon D. James' dark orchestral pop of "My Everything"

My Everything by UK pop / rock auteur Simon D. James feels like dark orchestral rock with darkly equal part drama and an almost kind of avant garde psychedelia. While it has a deeply produced pop tones there are nuanced (and not so nuanced) departures into dissonant rings of sound that break off right before they become to harsh. Cinematic and richly drawn, My Everything is heavy on atmosphere and makes you want to hear more from James. 

Robb Donker


Recorded on 2” tape at Greenmount Studios, one of Leeds’ best kept secrets located in the catacombs of a church, My Everything is a spectral, hymn-like track which remains overwhelmingly powerful, even after repeated listens.
Born from musical stock (his dad, Brendon, recorded 70s hit, Gimme Some), Simon D. James has sought inspiration for his music whilst travelling the world.
Likened to The National and Broken Social Scene, Simon D. James’ individual interpretation of what the term “indie singer-songwriter” can mean, re-invents it as a powerful force which transcends scenes and trends and reinforces his claims as one of the most alluring musicians around.
In the Summer of 2018 Simon released his debut EP ‘Dream From a Long forgotten Dream’, which includes the singles ‘Dearest Lovely World’ and 'In The Fileds'

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